Lighting Candles In The Darkness

I am a self-taught artist. I create artworks with a variety of mediums, primarily with oil on canvas, or pastel and/or colored pencils and/or pen and ink on various supports. However, I'm always trying new-to-me mediums and methods. My 'style' is chaotic and I enjoy creating portraiture and and animal art as much as I am drawn to creating pieces influenced by the great works of Expressionism, Surrealism, Fauvism, and Post-Impressionism I find in my local art gallery. I seem unable to create a straight up photo-type portrait: I simply have to add symbolism and mood and extra layers of meaning. I really cannot pin myself or my style down, other than to note that my art is always an extension of my search for underlying meaning and clarity. In this way, it is inevitably an exercise in trying to feel less alone in the universe. Perhaps that's intolerably pretentious? Perhaps it's yummy eye cookies?


Either way, I genuinely hope you enjoy it and that you find something here shining brightly for you.