I'm pleased to take commissions. However, I cannot work to hard deadlines. As a single working mom, I am simply unable to account for all variables.

I will take on 10 waitlist entries at a time, on a first come first served basis: there are currently a few spaces available. Once 5 commissions are completed, I will email the next 5 in line to ask if they are still interested, if so, we'll discuss the piece in greater detail. Immediately prior to beginning a piece, I will contact the client to finalize our arrangements.



BEFORE I start work on any commission, I will require a non-refundable deposit of 1/2 the agreed upon price. I will NEVER try to pass off below standard artwork: I either start over or keep working on a piece until I'm satisfied (I'm generally pickier than my customer anyway). I'll send a photo of the completed piece to ensure satisfaction, and once the balance is received, I will ship the piece to its new home. The artwork is entirely mine until the full agreed upon purchase price has been paid.